• IT. 'Inventory3D' integration into CRM, ERP systems for transforming exposition space planning, assets and warehouse management processes, Exposition organizing company, Baltics, 2015

  • IT. Implementation of '3D Studio' system for 3D planning and animation of scenes and movies, which can be adopted for PV systems design, Baltics, 2015

  • IT and Telecommunications. Delivery of 'Inventory3D system' to a secure network carrier for telecommunication network assets management, Lithuania, 2015

  • IT and Telecommunications. Integration of 'Inventory3D' into corporate ERP system, Tower company, Baltics, 2014

  • IT and Telecommunications. EU 'Intellect LT' project 'Creating the integration platform for spatial management of assets and infrastructure on the basis of GIS technology', Lithuania, 2013/15

  • Telecommunications. Roll-out plan & vendor procurement for mobile network expansion, Nepal, 2013/14

  • Telecommunications. Investor tech due diligence for new mobile broadband operator, Georgia, 2012