About us


LUNO UAB is a trusted partner to companies and organizations for the digital transformation of engineering and technical operations and their integration into corporate business processes.

LUNO's primary focus is the optimization of engineering and technical operations, the integration of OSS (Operations Support Systems) into corporate business processes and workflows of BSS (Business Support Systems). LUNO has expertise in sourcing of IT systems and has developed partnerships with leading providers of ERP, CRM, CAD and GIS systems.

LUNO employs a team of experts in systems/databases integration and software development. Further, LUNO invests in software development (interfaces, add-ons, 'gap filling' products) supporting delivery, maintenance and development of integrated solutions for various businesses and industries.

LUNO's flagship product is Inventory3D ( luno.inventory3d.net ), a state-of-art system with a novel approach to inside-plant engineering and facility maintenance. Inventory3D integrates SketchUp based 3D design, engineering and visualization with corporate ERP, GIS, CAD, SCADA, and mobile operations in the field.

LUNO has provided solutions for telecom carriers, tower companies, photovoltaic systems producers, organizers of expo shows.