Inventory3D Solutions

The Inventory3d system

The Inventory3d system allows to assess and edit server located databases, eg MySQL, from desktop and mobile front end devices. Location data can be integrated with Maps, other assets with SketchUp. In SketchUp, the data can be manually or automatically linked to components in a 3 dimensional model, or a model can be automatically generated from the database information. Like that the Inventory3D system combines inventory management with on site inspections and monitoring for industries such as construction, production or maintenance.

Inventory3D for management of Telco towers and equipment data

Inventory3D is a system for quick and easy cross-check of inventory database records on the site with the reality. Using unique features, the system allows to verify existing objects and draw missing or planned objects in a few seconds time. Said features include easy to learn 3 dimensional drawing tools and projection of ordinary photos to create overlays of photos, drawings and plans. In the overlay, you can perform drawings directly in the model, having photos in the background. Our first industry example is an Inventory3D database model for a Telco site. With Inventory3D we created overviews in the geographical environment, site plans and equipment plans.The sample database has been created from standard “close out” documentation material used in the United States. That means that no extra visits to the site have been performed, and no extra photos have been taken for building the model. Telco sites can be inspected and the inventory verified within a few minutes, or a new layout plan for the site can quickly be drawn. Like that, Inventory3D can help to keep your tabular inventory database synchronized with the technical drawings and photos from the field. And your site plans and equipment drawings are always up to date.

Let exhibitors design stands themselves in SketchUp's 3D environment having Inventory3D connected in the back-office

In this example we show you an Inventory3D use case for an exposition hall. I will go through 5 different scenes and demonstrate a selection of Inventory3D features, that I think are especially useful for inventory management and floor planing in bigger sites. With Inventory3D, different plans for large scale sites can readily be drawn in 2D and 3D scenery. Statistic reports list the quantities of all model components, exposition stands can be individually planned and equipped with furniture, and customized stands can easily be presented to expositors. And finally, all components in the entire model can be kept continuously synchronized with your inventory list. Like that, Inventory3D can significantly improve your planning and presentation possibilities.

3D design of PV systems

The SketchUp and Inventory3D based 3D PV engineering system comprises all aspects of PV system planning, including a web interface for incoming customer requests via online ordering, design of an interactive realistic 3D model with shading analysis, tabular compilation of PV system components, estimated PV system output, price calculation, and a compact PV system proposal output.