Other Solutions

Solar (PV) systems design automation

Luno automated the design and ordering process of Photo Voltaic (PV) systems for leading European PV panel producers and PV systems providers. The implemented system comprises all aspects of PV system's online sales process, from a web interface for incoming customer requests via online ordering to the system's remotely assisted online 3D engineering. The system is integrated with market-standard architectural design and PV engineering tools such as SketchUp, pVSyst, PVWATTS, PVGIS, and PV calculators of NREL and European JRC.

Samples of the 3D design capabilities of the implemented system are presented in the video:

Assets’ spatial 3D data management solution

LUNO developed assets’ spatial 3D data management solution that integrates a Relational database management system or MS Excel with Trimble’s 3D modelling software SketchUp. SketchUp extension for Excel is available on Trible’s Extensions site:

Trible’s Extensions

The system allows:

  • Tabular assets database to keep connected and synchronized with technical drawings and photos from the field
  • Provides the tools for identifying inconsistencies by quick overlay photos, drawings and database
  • Provides easy graphical drawing tools for keeping site plans, buildings, and floor plans drawings up to date

A sample of the Assets’ spatial 3D data management with the developed solution for Exhibition stands management is presented in the video: